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The Outback Odyssey on a Single 36” Wheel

It all began as an idea I came up with after talking to a customer at work. He was in getting his mountain bike ready for a ride on the Mawson trail. At this point I had recently taken up the sport of Unicycling or Muni (Mountain Unicycling) so I wondered if the Mawson trail would be possible on the Uni.

Once I had reached almost a year of Unicycling and had established a few required skills I thought I’d do a test run. I managed to get a good friend and fellow Unicyclist Marc Bracegirdle on board to ride the 300 kilometre Kidman trail where I learnt much about what works and what doesn’t.

Now that I knew Uni touring was a ...


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The 8 Day-340 Mile Walking Challenge for the Rory Walworth Memorial Fund by Will Oldham.

Will Oldham On June 6th Will Oldham will be setting out on an 8-day challenge, covering 340 miles across the South of England and visiting all 24 schools against which he played rugby with Rory Walworth in order to raise money on behalf of the Rory Walworth Memorial Fund for Wheels 4 Life. He will be finishing at Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School on 13th June, where he and Rory both grew up playing rugby together in a team of incredibly close friends, all of whom have gone on to various careers around the world but most of whom have already been in touch about the event to help in one form or another.

The idea came about after discussing with a couple of friends how they ...


The Wheels 4 Life Story

Our Story:

For most of us bicycles are recreational equipment, but for some people a bicycle can mean survival.

A bicycle can make all the difference in a persons life. It can be the difference between having a job or not, going to school or not, seeing a doctor or not…

Hans with a woman in Africa

Wheels4Life is a non-profit organization that provides bikes for people in developing countries in need of transportation to get to work or to school, including health care workers. Wheels4life was founded by extreme biking legend and former Mountain Bike World Champion Hans Rey [hansrey.com].

Hans has been a professional athlete for 20 years, he still travels the world promoting biking and riding the unridable. He has been competing and demonstrating his talents in 60 countries, in recent years he been filming documentaries with his ‘Hans Rey Adventure Team’, combining his extreme biking skills with different cultures, always in search of something historical or mysterious.

Wheels4Life is Hans’s way of giving something back to the people he has met on his journeys; Hans remains grateful for the opportunities and career he had through the sport.